Project Schellenburg - Residential and commercial complex

Project Schellenburg - Residential and commercial complex

The Schellenburg Ensemble is a dialogue between two contrasting architectural styles. Whereas the architecture of the Palais incorporates the curved lines of the hotel next door, the Villa has been designed as a stand-alone piece. The two contrasting buildings share the same high standards inside the apartments.

“Your most beautiful new home”

The Palais has six floors surmounted by a seventh penthouse floor. A total of 110 apartments (91 premium und 19 super premium) providing between 62 and 345 m2 of living space 322 parking spaces at the underground garage (3 levels).

The total gross area of the Palais is 50.306 m2.

The ground floor will also house a restaurant and other retail areas.

The complex will also include an office building with a total gross area of 6,837 m2 and retail premises in the total gross area of 1,584 m2.

The Villa has 15 highly exclusive apartments (12 Premium und 3 Super-premium) on 6 floors and 32 parking spaces in the underground garage (1 level).

The total gross area of the Villa is 5.323 m2.

The entire side of the building is open, creating fluid interfaces between the indoors and the outdoors.

The project will be finished in June 2023.

More about project:

Investment volume:

cca 80,000,000 EUR

Project type:

Residential, commercial


KSP Jürgen Engel Architekten GmbH, Germany and API arhitekti d.o.o., Slovenija

Size GFA:

56,077 m2
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