February 2024

A decoration for the city, a source of pride for the residents.

The commercial and residential complex Schellenburg has been opened in the capital, which enriches

The commercial and residential complex Schellenburg has been opened in the capital, which enriches the urban environment of Ljubljana with modern architecture and functionality. This complex combines security, privacy and convenience while providing easy access to the pulse of the city.

the urban environment of Ljubljana with modern architecture and functionality. This complex combines security, privacy and convenience while providing easy access to the pulse of the city.

The Schellenburg complex is more than just housing; it is a symbol of modern living in the city. With its location and design, it encourages residents to participate in the cultural and social life of the city. This new city icon offers several top-quality apartments for anyone who wants to live in the heart of Ljubljana.

For those looking for the ultimate living experience, complex Schellenburg presents an ideal opportunity. Don't miss this one.

May 2023

In the middle of the city, in the middle of the action, in the middle of greenery

All apartments in Villa Schellenburg have been sold and have already been successfully handed over to the first residents.

The interior appearance of the building can be seen in the picture gallery. The apartments in the Palais will also be equipped in a similar way.

Statistical Office of Slovenia (SURS) announced that residential real estate rose in price by 15.6% on an annual basis (from the second quarter of 2021 to the second quarter of 2022), and by 3.5% in the second quarter itself. The volume of sold deals has decreased slightly due to the chronic lack of construction of new residential units, but the prospects for further price growth are excellent.

In times of inflationary pressures, the Ljubljana real estate market is an excellent investment opportunity. There are at least five compelling arguments for this.

1. Demand is significantly greater than supply.

The market deficit is about 30,000 housing units. Due to the lack of vacant land with suitable (residential) zoning documents, the lack of capacity of construction companies and the lengthy procedures for obtaining building permits, the trend of increasing the stock of new housing units cannot significantly increase.

2. Ljubljana is an attractive capital with a large increase in migration.

According to SURS data for the years 2012 to 2022, around 1,000 new residents move to Ljubljana per year. However, only about 500 new housing units are built annually.

3. Growth in the value of real estate is statistically usually higher than inflation.

In times of higher inflation, the growth in the value of real estate is usually a few percentage points above inflation itself. This means that your investment is relatively safe from the decline in the value of money compared to other, riskier investments.

4. The investment is paid off earlier than in eight years.

In the last three years, the Ljubljana real estate market has recorded a 12 to 15 percent annual growth in value. The income from renting out in Ljubljana amounts to 2 to 3% of the property's value annually. Both together mean that your investment can be recouped in less than eight years.

5. The slowdown in investments will further stimulate the growth of real estate prices.

The rise in the prices of construction materials and services in the construction industry stopped investments by private investors in new buildings. Considering the current demand on the real estate market, it can be concluded that due to the lack of new real estate on the market, real estate prices will continue to rise.

In the picture gallery you can see the current situation at the construction site from September 2022, where inside the Villa Schellenburg there are:

Investing in real estate in Ljubljana is therefore a very smart investment, which is also safe and more profitable every day - investing in real estate is an investment in your future. But such opportunities are limited. Don't miss yours!

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Villa, July 2022

Palais, June 2023

In the area of the former Coliseum building in the city centre of Ljubljana and a stone's throw away from the Tivoli sports park, the new construction of 125 of the most prestigious apartments is steadily advancing. In addition to the excellent location, thoughtful architectural design and high-quality materials, the project boasts a 24-hour concierge service located in a representative lobby, video surveillance of the building, floor height measuring from 283 cm to 355 cm, large living areas, direct access from parking places to apartments and additional bicycle lifts.

The Palais & Villa Schellenburg is named after Jakob pl. Schellenburg, Ljubljana’s wholesaler, financier and Maecenas who acted in the 17th century. Together with his wife Ana Katarina pl. Hofstätters, they donated most of their property to charity, and above all to Ljubljana. In 1702, they founded the Ursuline monastery, church and girls' school, which remained the only school for girls in Ljubljana for the next 170 years.

The excavation and protection of the construction pit has been completed and rough construction works are currently being carried out and are going to be completed by the end of this year. Construction of Villa Schellenburg will be completed by July 2022, while construction of the Palais Schellenburg will be completed by July 2023.

Also, a 6-storey business building will be built along Gosposvetska cesta, with office space which will be available to potential customers for long-term lease. Several business premises for the purpose of quiet, business activities such as. hairdresser, cosmetics, watchmaker, gallery, jewellery store, textile store… will be placed on the ground floor of the Palais.

The investor has already sold a quarter of the apartments. There are currently available three or four-room apartments from 119m2 (living area) to 225m2 (living area) in the VIlla. Of these, three apartments are atrium. Parking spaces and storage for the residents of the Villa are available in Villa’s Basement -1.

Palais currently offers two- to five-room apartments ranging in size from 68m2 (living space) to 333m2 (living space). Parking spaces and storage rooms for Palais residents are available in Palais’s Basements -2 and -3.

The sale of apartments is going as planned, with the price of the smallest one-bedroom apartment, including storage, in the Palais Schellenburg range from EUR 443,000.00 (excluding VAT) onwards.

The price of the smallest two-bedroom apartment, including storage, in Villa Schellenburg range from EUR 915,000.00 (excluding VAT).

Apartments are sold partly furnished. Customers will be able to choose parquet and ceramics from a pre-prepared catalogue. Sanitary equipment will be installed in the bathroom, as well as basic lighting in the apartment. Each apartment will have an option of electrical car charging on its private parking space.

In addition to its rich history and modern touch, the project is developing into the most beautiful new home for future residents.

»The memory of good quality lasts much longer than a short joy over a low price.«

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